Paul at Cornell

GraduationWith little money in his pocket, Tiny matriculated at Cornell in 1927 with an undergraduate scholarship. Though he had little, he always looked after the physically, mentally, and financially less fortunate.  For example, during those years, freshman had to wear beanie caps and carry fresh eggs in their pockets. The upperclassmen would approach the freshmen as they were climbing Libe Slope and smash the eggs.  One of those greatly harassed was Hyman Fisher ’31, who told the following story, while teary-eyed, at one of his class reunions.  “After being harassed, because I was small and, perhaps, Jewish, I was ready to drop out of Cornell because I couldn’t stand the humiliation.”  After several days, Tiny noticed what was happening and told Fisher to come to his dorm, and that they would hike up Libe Slope together.  When several upperclassmen started to approach, Tiny told them, “If you mess with Fisher, you are messing with me. I don’t think you want to do that.”  “Tiny turned my life around,” said Fisher.  “I stayed and eventually became a physician.” 

Tiny pledged Sigma Alpha Epsilon and his brothers passed on the culture of becoming a Cornell “Gentleman” with all of the proper manners and behavior expected of a Cornell fraternity man.  SAE, other fraternities, men’s clothing stores and others gave Tiny the opportunity to earn pocket money, along with his room and board. SAE Brothers hosted him on college breaks and helped him get summer jobs.

Tiny’s activities and honors included the following: Mechanical Engineering, SAE, Sphinx Head, Aleph Samach; Atmos; Wearer of the “C”; Freshman Football Team; Freshman Track Squad; Varsity Football Team 2, 3, Captain 4; Varsity Wrestling Squad 2, 3; Varsity Lacrosse Team 4; Freshman Cap Burning Committee; Sophomore Smoker Committee; Freshman Advisory Committee 3; Obelisk; Student Council 2; and Undergraduate Scholarship.

Paul at Sigma Alpha Epsilon