Remembering Paul

Paul studyingWhen Paul died, several of his former football teammates, SAE Brothers and others wanted to honor him with an endowed scholarship or other remembrance.  One such individual was his best friend, SAE Brother, Ed Courtney ‘31, of Hammond, LA, who supported two poor families from his community for most of his adult life. Ed, Jerry, Paul and other Cornellians of those years, quietly and without public recognition, did what they could for those less fortunate.

It was Paul’s philosophy that athletics should not be perceived as the “be all, end all,” but should be part of the development of a person’s character.  This philosophy is the precursor of today’s Ivy League athletic programs. It enables students to integrate the lessons learned in teamwork through athletics into ways that contribute to the betterment of the community.  That is the spirit is one in which Paul would want to be remembered.