Eric M. Krawczyk ’98

Today, Eric Krawczyk delivers a comprehensive school counseling program at a rural elementary school in Gunnison, CO.  In addition to school counseling, Eric provides free counseling to youth, individuals, couples and families at Gunnison Valley Christian Counseling, organizes a democratic sustainable economic model for Common Good Finance and directs a Christian ecology ministry called Gunnison Creation Care.

For more than a decade, Eric has impacted the lives of many youth and families in a tremendous way.   Raised in the Holy Cross Tradition at St. Edward High School, where the minds and hearts of young men are educated to have the competence to see and the courage to act as men of faith, he developed the character to contribute his time, energy and athletic lessons to help others beyond the playing field at Cornell. 

While an undergraduate, Eric developed personal relationships with youth and educators in Ithaca and beyond by volunteering 120 hours of educational assistance to the Head Start classrooms at Fall Creek Elementary, co-coordinating the Outings Program at the Ithaca Youth Bureau for two semesters and leading two summers of outdoor adventure activities for boys at a camp in Maine. 

As a Philanthropy Chairman for the Sigma Nu Fraternity, he forged grassroot connections between the campus and local youth by organizing a school cleanup, a holiday celebration, a community festival, and a Youth Day for one of the Cornell football games.  Eric was also an active member during the founding years of Fellowship for Christian Athletes on campus and, while a co-captain, organized post-game prayers with opponents. Following the 1997 season, Eric was awarded the Paul Hunt Citizenship Award and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources in 1998.

Eric’s compassion continued to flourish as helping others actually became his career.   For the next five years, Eric guided struggling adolescents toward healing and reunion with their families through therapeutic wilderness experiences.  Extended backcountry living among God’s creation around the Western United States and among authentic human suffering and joy sharpened and strengthened his duty to a life of servant leadership. 

In 2006, Eric received his Masters of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Colorado Denver and transitioned into the school counseling field.  Since moving to the Rocky Mountain valley of Gunnison, CO, Eric has honored his servanthood by initiating a Creation Care movement among local faith communities.  His respect for God’s creation has become the source to mobilize the community into pursuing a God-centered response to the environmental challenges faced today. 

As the founder of Gunnison Creation Care, an organization supporting the education and advocacy of creation bringing glory to the Creator, advancing the cause of Christ, and leading to a transformation of the people and the resources that sustains them, Eric and his wife, Casey, have been building a passive solar home made of natural and recycled materials, using thermal mass construction for temperature stabilization, renewable energy and integrated water systems with little to no utility bills.  The project is designed to demonstrate how men and women, when living intimately connected to God’s creation, can live healthy and spiritual lives.  The organization has spurred other creation-caring movements such as local vegetable gardens, church and home energy audits, alternative economies and envisioning what a creation-caring community will look like in a post-carbon world.

Eric’s athletic experiences at Cornell and in the mountains have enabled him to integrate important lessons learned in teamwork and transform those same skills and sensitivities toward contributing to the betterment of his community.