Jensen Cheong ’15

Jensen has been a valuable member of the Sprint Football team for all four years of his undergraduate studies at Cornell. He has consistently tried to better himself everyday on the field and off. His positive attitude towards the game, the team, and the sprint community is a perfect example of a Paul N. Hunt Citizenship Award recipient. Jensen has proved many times that hard work and patience pays off by scoring his first TD during his senior year. As a running back, he has demonstrated great leadership and teamwork on the offensive side of the ball.

As a first generation American and the first person in his family to graduate from college, Jensen understood the social and economic obstacles he faced early on. He has consistently acted as a leader and mentor to those in his position. Knowing the difficulties of balancing academics, athletics, and ROTC at Cornell, Jensen is a regular tutor for a variety of freshmen courses. He is very active in the Asian American community in promoting awareness and activism. As a member of various community based organizations, Jensen has donated time in the off seasons to better the local community.

Jensen was a nominee for the U.S. Fulbright Award and hopes to be selected as a recipient. Jensen will also earn his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force at the end of his senior year. The Air Force has selected him for the rated position of Air Battle Manager.