Nicholas Bland ’17

Nick is currently a Junior from Milton, Massachusetts in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and has lettered each of his first three years as a tight end on the Cornell Football team. He also a member of the honor board in Sigma Nu, and the chapter Athletic Director. 

Nick's sophomore year, a close family friend, Chris Crowley, passed away. Chris had two young children, one boy, Wilson, and one girl, Addison. Rather than calling, or sending a card, Nick had the members of the Cornell Football team sign a football for this young boy to show Wilson that our whole team would be there to support him. Since then, Wilson and Nick have grown very close. Nick then realized the power of a football-as a way to reach out to a young fan, or as a sign of appreciation to someone who has always been there for support. 

This August Nick worked with Coach Archer to found the Wilson Project. Together they were able to supply each member of the Cornell Football team and staff with a ball to be signed by the members of our team and sent to an individual that was significant in one of their lives. 

This summer Nick will be working with the New England Patriots in Stadium Operations, and hopes to expand the Wilson Project in the years to come.